Osseointegration Foundation and OF Grants

Fostering the highest standards of research and education

The Academy of Osseointegration, the world’s leading dental implant organization, and the Osseointegration Foundation were established to provide a focus for the rapidly advancing biotechnology involving the natural bond between bone and certain alloplostic reconstructive materials. The nature of this bond makes the technology applicable for a variety of medical and dental situations and offers benefits that include:

  • Replacement of lost teeth
  • Restoration of impaired hearing
  • Enhancements of reconstructive cosmetic surgery
  • Correction of craniofacial problems

The Academy of Osseointegration and the Osseointegration Foundation foster the highest standards of research and education of practitioners, who in turn, use this research and education to enrich their patients’ lives and enhance their students’ knowledge and skills. Support of the Osseointegration Foundation is essential for the continuation of existing research grant programs and to enable new programs to be launched.

Thousands of patients have already benefitted from treatment by the Academy’s membership, which consists of more than 6,000 individuals in 70 countries, representing the most highly trained professionals providing craniofacial implant treatment.

Many more individuals will benefit from the advances made possible through the charitable programs of the Osseointegration Foundation.

Osseointegration Foundation Board of Directors

Georgios E. Romanos, DDS, DMD, PhD

Vice President:
Hans S. Malmstrom, DDS

Edward A. Marcus, DDS

Past President:
Edward B. Sevetz Jr., DMD

Jeffrey Ackerman, DDS
Wendy M. Croll Halpern, DMD
Andrea L. Henderson, DDS
Robert R. Lemke, DDS, MD
Michael R. Norton, BDS, FDS, RCS(Ed), AO Past President

OF Past Presidents

Edward B. Sevetz Jr.
Myron Nevins
Mollie A. Winston
Clarence C. Lindquist
Luis J. Fujimoto
Jonathan H. Orenstein
Edward M. Amet
James H. Doundoulakis
Richard K. Rounsavelle
Fraya I. Karsh
Dayn C. Boitet
Ole T. Jensen
Robert G. Tiplett
Shephen M. Parel
Carlos Aparicio
David L. Guichet
Laureen M. Langer
Thomas J. Balshi
Jack G. Zosky

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2018-2019 Osseointegration Foundation Officers

Osseointegration Foundation Board:
(front row, from left): Drs. Georgios Romanos (President), Edward Sevetz (Past President), Hans Sigurd Malmstrom (Vice-President).
(back row, from left): Drs. Edward Marcus (Secretary/Treasurer), Andrea Henderson, Jeffrey Ackerman, Myron Nevins, Robert Lemke, Wendy Croll-Halpern, Alan Pollack.

Dr. Ole Jensen honored as 2016 Nobel Biocare Brånemark Osseointegration Award winner

Dr. Ole T. Jensen, one of the pioneers of osseointegration, is the ninth recipient of the Nobel Biocare Brånemark Osseointegration Award. The award is given annually by the Osseointegration Foundation (OF) to honor an individual whose impact on implant dentistry is exemplary in any or all of the Foundation’s mission categories: research, education, and charitable causes.

Dr. Ole Jensen addresses the 2016 Titanium Society in San Diego