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Welcome to the Academy of Osseointegration’s “Ask the Experts” Webinar Series. These live webinar presentations will be delivered in an interactive format that allows participants to exchange questions and ideas directly with the presenters at the end of their presentation. This series of webinars will showcase all new speakers and content throughout the year. AO members also have exclusive access to all of our previously recorded webinars in our Archived Recordings section.

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AO is world-renowned for providing unmatched opportunities in implant dentistry through cutting-edge, evidence-based insights and continuing education. Each year, thousands of specialists, generalists, researchers and students come from around the world to attend our Annual Meetings which offer state-of-the-art education and unique implant-related topics that are essential to success in the field of implant dentistry. AO brings these topics and presenters directly to you in a format that allows you to enjoy an interactive exchange of questions and ideas with the world’s most noted researchers and clinicians ‒ in the convenience of your office or home. Each webinar presentation is offered at NO COST to AO members and at a reduced introductory rate to non-members.

Who should attend?

General practitioners, specialists, young clinicians, educators, students and residents, allied staff – all dental professionals who place implants or refer patients for implant placement. These courses are designed for all levels of experience.

1.0 hour of ADA CERP credit is available for 90 days following each live webinar. After 90 days, each webinar will be archived and no CE credit will be available.


On-demand Webinar Presentations:

Soft-tissue Enhanced Implant Esthetic Outcome

Markus Hurzeler, DMD, PhD

The concept of microsurgery has shown incredible growth in recent years, but does the use of microsurgical principles and procedures provide relevant advantages over conventional concepts for plastic esthetic implant surgery? The need for soft-tissue augmentation procedures is increasing as the need for improved esthetic results increases in our patients. The wealth of treatment in plastic implant surgery can make it difficult to choose the best treatment.

This presentation will focus on the benefit in natural appearance, harmonious transitions between tissue structures, and the absence of scarring in the esthetic zone. The treatment techniques of choice are the ones that allow to reach those endpoints predictably. Incision-free “tunneling techniques” offer promising advantages compared to conventional flap procedures. Dr. Hurzeler will discuss the essential parameters of successful treatment outcomes while underlining the argument that tunneling techniques reduce the treatment wealth in soft tissue augmentation to a pure surgical concept for many tissue defects with predictable and scar-free results.

1.0 ADA-CERP CE credit offered through Aug 11, 2016 (members and non-members)

Prevention and Treatment of Postoperative Infections After Sinus Elevation Surgery

Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS, FICD

Sinus elevation surgery followed by implant placement is nowadays a predictable therapeutic technique in the restoration of atrophic maxilla. Clinicians often come across bone atrophy in the upper jaw which doesn’t permit the positioning of implants unless the atrophy is restored beforehand. For this purpose, various classifications of bone atrophy have been devised. Nevertheless, this type of surgery carries more intra- and post-operative risks and complications compared to simple implant placement in native bone. Post-operative complications can be serious as adjacent tissues are involved. This presentation reviews clinical recommendations on post-op complications after maxillary sinus elevation.

1.0 ADA-CERP CE credit available through July 6, 2016 (members and non-members)

New Perspectives on Vertical Augmentation

Istvan Urban, DMD

This presentation reviews procedures that could lessen the need for harvested autogenous bone which may also lead to decreased morbidity and therefore increase patient comfort and satisfaction. Vertical augmentation presents one of the greatest challenges of bone regeneration in implant dentistry. This is primarily due to the difficulty of the surgical procedure and its potential complications. Patient selection, patient preparation for surgery, precise surgical techniques and post-operative management are the key factors in reducing the rate of bone graft complications. This presentation will include findings from recent research on vertical ridge augmentation as well as the use of different growth factors in conjunction with bone grafts.

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Controversies in Assessing Implant Stability ‒ Is Tight Right?

Michael Norton, BDS, FDS, RCS(ED)

This presentation discusses the implant of high insertion torque on the bone/implant interface and whether this enhances or prohibits favorable bone healing. Advised protocol is also discussed for delivering optimal primary stability from both a mechanical and biological perspective. This presentation will review and consider evidence in relation to the use of high insertion torque to deliver high primary stability and whether this is based on any clinical or biological validation that it guarantees higher success or delivers greater predictability in osseointegration – in particular as it relates to immediate placement and immediate loading.

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Guided Surgery ‒ Heaven or Hell?

Jaime Lozada, DMD

It is believed that in the digital world, guided technology can simplify case planning and precision during surgery and in many cases, provide immediate restorations for single tooth, partial and complete arch situation. On the other hand, it is also believed that the true applications of digitally driven dentistry are making routine cases a more complex situation and in other instances, less precise. This webinar will analyze the true advantages and disadvantages of guided surgery in implant dentistry.

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November 16, 2016 ‒
Implant Occlusion

“Robert Faulkner, DDS

December 7, 2016 ‒
Management of Peri-implantitis

Frank Schwarz, DMD