Welcome to AO 365!

AO 365 is the Academy’s year-round mobile application designed to put state-of-the-art technology in your hands for enhanced accessibility to every member benefit – quickly and effortlessly. Download this mobile app to all your mobile devices and enjoy user-friendly tools to stay informed, organized and connected to Academy members around the world. Use this tutorial section to familiarize yourself with the many features and functions of AO 365. Get started today!

AO 365 is designed to enhance your AO member experience

We’ve designed your AO 365 mobile app to offer quick and easy connection to everything the Academy of Osseointegration offers to its membership. To access every member feature you must log in as a MEMBER.

Access the AO Member Directory for a variety of uses

Easily access the Member Directory to locate members around the world using a variety of filters and search criteria such as location, member type and dental specialty. Also access your own profile to make updates.

Member-only resources provide connectivity at your fingertips

The new AO 365 mobile app mimicks the functionality of the member website while offering the convenience of everything in one easy to find place. Keep reading to learn more about using your mobile app.


Touch this icon to open a list of available event apps. Annual Meetings, global charter chapter meetings, study club meetings...any AO event that offers general registration will have a unique app that will be located within this section.


Touch this icon to search the online member directory. Open the membership directory to find other AO members from anywhere in the world. This directory allows expansive sorting functionality to help users locate members by location, specialty or member type. See special section about how to use the MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY feature.


Touch this icon for direct access to every AO online resource - with no additional logins required. Touch this button for quick links to JOMI, the Online Education Center, AO's video and e-Poster libraries and much more!


Touch this icon to access and update your profile. Log in to your online AO member profile to update your contact information. This icon will link you directly to the online member profile database on the AO website - osseo.org


Touch this icon to access the automatically updated AO calendar Stay informed about AO events and other events that are relevant to AO members. Save events to your 'My365' section or device calendar.


Touch this icon to access and update your My365 data. Customize your AO 365 mobile app by saving pertinent information to the My365 section. Save events in the Calendar, create a personal list of members for easy reference, and collect your notes for review in one handy place. Save events to your device calendar or to your 'My365' section. See special section about how to use the My365 feature.


Touch this icon to communicate directly with other committee members in private closed forum discussion groups. AO committees now have a way to communicate within their member groups - privately and in real time. Only AO members who belong to committees or other specified groups will see this icon in their app. This section functions as a private communication forum for real-time discussions, sharing documents, images or hyperlinks.