Update your Member Profile

AO 365 provides access to the Member Profile online database, providing a quick and easy entry point into your profile to make updates as necessary.

Go directly into your online profile

AO 365 offers very quick and direct access into your online member profile to update information as you need to.

When touching this button, you will be taken outside the mobile app native platform to go directly to the online member directory on osseo.org.

Alert! - Member login required to enter the database

Because you are entering a secure database, the mobile app requires an additional login to authorize safe entry.

This is the only instance where additional authentication is required.

NOTE: Use the same username (AO member number) and password that you use when signing in to AO 365 and the Members Only section of osseo.org.

You are now in the online Member Database

Here, you can update your member profile, pay your member dues, or enjoy direct access to other online services that are offered on the member website.

It’s important to keep your profile information updated because it is referenced by AO members around the world.