Customize your mobile app with the ‘My365’ feature

AO 365 offers a customizable member experience with the ‘My365’ feature. Easily create your own calendar by selecting events in the Calendar section of the mobile app. Each selected event will appear in the MyCalendar section.

Create a customized list of AO members, to whom you need quick access, by selecting them in the Membership Directory in AO 365 and then locate them easily in the MyContacts section.

Create notes in various sections of the mobile app and then find them collected together in the MyNotes section.

Collect your personal notes from throughout the mobile app

When you enter your personal notes in AO 365, they automatically collect in this central location for easy referencing.

Notes can be added in several places throughout AO 365, including Events, Membership Directory, Calendar, Committee Forums, and Leadership Directory.

Notes are organized into sections for quick access

The ‘Notes’ section is a handy tool for keeping track of AO events and information. It’s simple to use and easy to access all of your notes from the various app sections – together in one place.

Erase notes that are no longer needed

To remove notes that you no longer wish to keep in your ‘My365’ section, simply go to the original note in the section it was created. Click on the message and backspace your cursor to remove it.

For example, if you wish to remove a note that was created in a Committee Forum, go back to that original message in the same Committee Forum to remove it.


Create a list of contacts that is quick and easy for you find

Why spend time searching for members in the entire Membership Directory when you can create a customized and access it by quickly sliding to the MyContacts section in the My365 section?

Add notes to each entry with additional contact information for each member or save links to share with that person.

Find members easily then just click to add them to your list

Search the AO 365 Membership Directory for members to add to MyList. Then simply check the button next to the member’s name to add them.

Add as many members as you like. Member information is automatically updated to this section when members update their profile information in the member database.