Search the Membership Directory in several ways

All active AO members are listed in the Membership Directory and can be sorted in a variety of combinations. The two main sorting functions are 1) Sort by Name, and 2) Sort by Dental Specialty.

Next by entering a last name, city, state or country into the Search bar, you can perform more detailed searches.

To search by specialty, enter words such as ‘general, perio, prosth, or oral’ to refine your search.

Touch 'Matchmaking' in upper right corner to refine your search

The Matchmaking function in the Membership Directory allows you to search for members by member type, specialty and location. Simply select the criteria you prefer from the drop-down menus in each category then touch ‘Done’ to sort. You can perform a search by individual sorting categories or by combining the search categories. For example, you could search for all active members who are periodontists in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and New York.

Choose multiple locations to optimize your search by state or country

This category pulls location data from the online Member Directory and lists various locations in this menu. Select the location(s) you are searching and touch the ‘Done’ button in the upper corner for results.

You will see specific cities and regions listed here for now. However as we refine and optimize our database, this list is likely to narrow into less specific data.